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VineCorrupt Game Corrupter

VineCorrupt was started as a college class project and was originally inspired from Vinny's corruption videos and a program made by Rikerz called The Vinesauce ROM Corrupter. I noticed that Rikerz's program was designed to work with the NES and had many features associated with only that console. However, people started to corrupt other more complicated systems and because games have a tendency to crash when encountering certain commands or when certain sections were overwritten it led to a lot of headache. That's where VineCorrupt comes in.

VineCorrupt is designed to work with many different popular game systems ranging from NES to GameCube, and even more will be added as time goes on. What sets VineCorrupt apart from other general corrupters is that it has opcode and file protection for various systems which help prevent crashes. Each system is protected differently according to their instruction set or file types to prevent modifications that will most likely cause a crash. This isn't 100% crash proof, but it definitely helps. Besides the added protection, VineCorrupt also has many different corruption types and the ability to corrupt only particular files inside a disc.

Currently VineCorrupt is a work in progress and there will be more updates to add more features coming up. It will also be open source when the first non-beta release comes out so other people can contribute, fix, port, or learn from the code.